Never Underestimate the Power of Family

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This weekend I went to my family’s 3rd annual girls’ weekend. It’s nothing more than myself, my aunt, mother and gram relaxing at the cottage on the shore. No boys, boyfriends, husbands, sons, or children for that matter are allowed.

We sun bathe, chit-chat and I brought along my jewelry case to try out a nice leather wrap tutorial I read online.

Well while I was cooking the potatoes for dinner it turned into a jewelry party in the living room when I dropped my giant Ziploc bag of jewelry on the table. I don’t really like to toot my own horn with family; it always seems wrong to do so. This time I must say I’m glad I finally opened up. My aunt and gram both insisted they buy bracelets from me to wear to my second cousin’s birthday the next weekend.

You know what that means? I now have two Childlike Fascination reps! I didn’t have any business cards to arm them with but if I can get them made by the end of the week I’ll mail them down. They’ll proudly show off a relative’s work more than they were would their own and talk it up. A lot like affiliate marketing, except this time I am not the affiliate – I am the business.

This has really pushed me to get my butt to the bead store to pick up more supplies. I’ve found what pieces seem to be the highest in demand with my style and I’m just going to bang out at least 10 more pieces int he next 4 days. Think I can do it? I figure with 10 new pieces and hopefully a rush of new visitors to the shop I can make September my best month yet.

Jewelry Marketing Tip

Host a family & friends no pressure jewelry party. Set a date and (if you’re all of age) make a big container of sangria and send out the invites. Setup all your best pieces on a table display with your normal prices and just have some girl time. Most of them are going to be more than happy to buy something from you – I mean they love you! When they know you want to show off your own art and you’re not trying to earn commission like other jewelry or candle parties (yup you know the ones) they are less likely to bail and more likely to mention that you make bridal, event, elegant or modern jewelry the next time they talk to a friend. The only thing I require is that they leave with at least 5 of your business cards!

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