How to Make Money on Etsy via Article on Etsy Small Businesses

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Came across this recent article on about using Etsy as a sales tool for small businesses specializing in handmade goods – not only to handle pesky online shopping carts but also to leverage the community aspects of Etsy to get your product out there.

Read the article here: How to Make Money on Etsy via

It is a great read! It touched upon a couple great points about using a service like Etsy to sell your goods.

  1. Having a website is just the tip of the iceberg – Even if you upload all 20 products to Etsy, it doesn’t mean people will come by and buy up your whole inventory. Old marketing rules still apply with new technologies. You need to advertise, network, and leverage word of mouth and social networking (technology’s response to word of mouth) to get people to your store.
  2. Some old school marketing techniques need not apply – catalog style photographs where an object is isolated on a white paper background aren’t the one drawing people to items – it’s the magazine style, editorial photograph.
  3. You have to be your own entrepreneur to succeed in running an online business – you are the people in charge of buying supplies, designing goods, creating goods, quality assurance, marketing, warehousing, shipping, finance. Well you name it you have to do it all to run any online shop.
  4. You have to be creative when selling creative – yup. If you are selling a quality hand made good you have to use quality hand made marketing techniques to do so. Make your business card reflect your style, your art and your designs – same with your packaging and customization of your store. Just imagine how much more your can do for crafty techniques to jazz up a booth at a craft show.

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