Baseball Bandwagon

Now I’ve always been a true Massachusetts resident, when the Sox are doing good, I’m on the bandwagon, but still never watched the games. When they weren’t doing good, I’d shake my head in disappointment with the rest of the folks who actually knew what they were talking about.

But this year has been different, starting a handful of games before the ALCS started I started watching the games. Of all the major American sports baseball is the only one I’ve ever really understood and kind-of enjoyed. Football: downs, yards, holding, field goals…yea too many rules for me and guys slamming into each other kind-of weirds me out. I like hockey enough but only live at the game. Basketball: squeaky sneakers, not my thing; it brings me back to high school gym class.

Today I stumbled across this vector explanation of baseball pitches that is really helping me on my way to ACTUALLY having a clue about pitches when game one of the 2008 season starts.

I’ve always been fascinated with vector graphics and diagrams. It has a lot to do with my love for simple, clear design. In the past I’ve created probably only 3 vector works that I am really proud of. One day I’ll get my portfolio back up and show ‘em to y’all. Lokesh’s work, though has inspired me once again to really try and get back into vector work, give it another shot. You know, someday when I find some spare time (laughable, I know!)

Until then thanks to the diagrams and pitches PDF, available for download, I will be half clued in (and trying to decide if I am more in love with Dustin Pedroia or Josh Beckett) while drinking at the nice little Irish bar down the street with my friends, watching the World Series.

Go Sox!

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